Convincing My Pet Chicken to carry Dutch Bantams.


5 Years
Apr 8, 2014
Recently, I have been looking to acquire three female Dutch Bantam Chicks. None of the hatcheries or breeders I have found offer sexed Dutch Bantam chicks. Today, I emailed MyPetChicken(A hatchery that sells sexed bantams) about Dutch Bantam Chicks. They currently do not have them, but they responded saying that if they got enough requests, they would get them! For all of you who love dutch(and those who love chickens in general), please send them a quick email requesting they get Dutch. Thanks!

Use this email: [email protected]
It would be good if they did. The 2 other hatcheries I know of that carry them really aren't Dutch. They are an OEGB cross with red ear lobes and yellow feet.
Few hatcheries keep birds of less well known or less popular breeds of their own, for eggs to hatch. They purchase hatching eggs, from whoever will sell them eggs. AND they have no idea what really is "in those eggs", or about the chicks that hatch, as they MUST be delivered the day they hatch. Those chicks not sold and delivered, are destroyed. They cannot afford to raise or sell a breed of bantam unless there is a great demand over the hatchery season. So, would hate to see Dutch Bantams on the list of any Hatchery. The mixed ones (usually with OEGB--and some of those mixes), are sold as Dutch OR OEGB, as they cannot be distinguished "at hatch" There are pet OEGB with partly white ear lobes, not a good thing for OEGB,either.. ----- Lovely bantams, but not DUTCH. Hatcheries are so important for the laying and meat birds, we must support them.--Perishable chicks of rare breeds are usually sold, assorted, to save killing what they can sell and deliver! The extra chicks included in shipments, saves the lives of those chicks, that are not ordered and must be sent with other chicks to survive. And the Dutch chicks are so small, that sexing is not only hard on the chicks, but still not guaranteed, that is why few ever offer them "sexed". Hate to lose a chick after the examination.......
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