convincing the hubs about free ranging


5 Years
Mar 6, 2014
Beaverton, OR
we are getting 4 chicks this coming wednesday and i planned to let them free range in our yard when they get old enough. our coop and run is just not big enough right now and he is so concerned for whatever reason that unless i am out there with them its a no go. i'll eventually win (lol) but any good arguments besides my "but our coop and run are too cramped for them to be in it all day long"...


6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
western pa
Do you have a fenced yard? I don't see why free ranging would be a problem if you do. My chickens love running around, but I can't let them out without being there with them. We have hawks around, plus they keep going onto the road.

Well, to actually answer your question, chickens will take care of your bug problems if they can run around. They will have healthier eggs (I think eating grass adds some omega 3s, but I'm not sure how much) and I think lower cholesterol in the eggs, according to one study.

Keeping them in the run makes them seem so sad. Even though it's a chore for me to watch over them, I still can't resist letting them out. They act like chickens should, scratching the ground, looking for bugs, eating grass. That's enough reward for me.
Good luck convincing him.

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