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Jul 12, 2010
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Hello forum, i have returned for a silly question.

Ok, the topic subject sounds hilarious, but its time for me to do something with that sparrows.

They are attracted to my yard because of the chicken food, i also free range the chickens most of the time, the chickens dont have a proper coop yet, just a small house to lay eggs in and their small run is open air, just a fenced corner.

There are gangs of sparrows that attack the food and they just found out about my vegetable garden which i have fenced for the chickens not to enter. They ate my peas and this is unforgivable!

I plan to build a sparrow trap.

I will get them all. Every single one
this is how i feel. I hate them so much now.

My question is:

Are sparrows edible? Should i have something in mind? Could i get sick or anything? I mean, are they unhealthy to eat?

Do you think if i keep them in a big cage for a couple of days and feed them proper food they will be healthier?

What do you think?


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Hmmmm I guess if a person was starving...a sparrow would be food. I think they do get into some nasty stuff when looking for food. I don't know if it would be worth the effort/time to cook them for yourself. Safe? I just don't know what they might carry, but I am with you on getting rid of least some of them. They can really go through the feed.


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May 11, 2010
Had stewed sparrow long ago when I lived in a very rural area of SC. Just make sure the meat is well cooked.


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Jul 12, 2010
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Thanks for the fast replies and understanding.

I could propably just kill them and throw them in the garbage, but this seems to me... i dont know, not humane.

I feel so much hate for them, that i could spend some time cleaning them up and cooking them to eat them, thats more humane, hehehe *evil laugh*

I want my blood back! HEY, my food raised them after all. I own their lifes. Those evil creatures messed with me
i never called them in my yard, they picked their own destiny. They seem to multiply or they just call for more sparrows everyday. They play with fire. I think there are thousands of them that come to my yard to eat.

When they see me from long distance they fly away in panic, but they dont seem to understand what its comming to them, they return when i am not in sight.

I have seen my cockerel and my "dinosaur chicken" (i have the most angry chicken on earth) running after them, but they are so fast and sneaky.

By doing this, i will save my chickens from my stomach for some time, i will help them get rid of their (and my) enemies, and i will save (at some part) my vegetable garden which is worth more than anything to me.

Still wondering: Do you think if i keep them in a big cage for a couple of days and feed them proper food they will be healthier?

Any more experiences of people that ate sparrows will be extremely helpful.

edit: wow this post comes almost first on Google already when searching for this subject
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IMO, it doesn't sound like something I would do. You eating them almost seems like you want revenge. (That's probably what you want - am I right?) I would never eat something that small and possibly disease infested unless I was starving to death. It's ironic really, I've spent a lot of time trying to attract sparrows into my backyard. Birds aren't very common around my bird feeders here, so I enjoy the occasional house sparrow visiting my feeders. I only get a couple every month, anyways.


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Jan 27, 2010
I would imagine recipes featuring squab would be similar. Here's a few I found with an Internet search:

Greek recipes:

Salted Sparrow (What they did in the olden days to preserve them for winter treats)

To preserve them, you alternate layers of salt and sparrow (whole, but cleaned) in a preserving jar. When you want to eat them, you simply wash the salt off and fry them up in a little olive oil. This is best served with ouzo as a finger food.

Sparrow Pilaf in a Light Tomato Sauce

Boil the (cleaned) sparrows for about 20 minutes or until tender. In a separate saucepan sauté onions in oil. Add fresh tomatoes and just before it is ready, add fresh basil. Add the (drained) sparrows.

This is best served on rice that has been cooked in the sparrow water.

An Arab recipe:

How to make fried sparrows

Recipe ingredients

* 8 sparrows, cleaned or any game birds
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* 1/4 cup lemon juice
* 1 tablespoon pomegranate thickened juice
* 1 tablespoon butter
* A dash of white pepper

* Fry sparrows in butter over medium heat till golden brown on all sides.
* Season and cook over low heat for 25 minutes, stirring occasionally.
* Add lemon juice and pomegranate juice and cook for another 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
* Serve hot with fried mushrooms and potatoes.

Yum, now I'm glad I bought that sparrow trap!

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