Cool article!


10 Years
Aug 31, 2009
The local newspaper, The Portland Press Herald, had a great article on duck eggs this am. They quoted Learycow (Al's Quackery) and one of the owners of Metzer's. And another local duck owner. Not sure if he is on here or not. It had some egg cooking tips. But I hope that it does not cause a ton of people to go out and get ducks and then realize the amount of work they are though. It was fun to read regardless. Some cute pics in it also.
I am pushing eggs on everyone I know these days! 7-8 a day add up fast. And we don't eat them, occasionally I will bake with them. I even put an ad on Craigslist to get rid of them. Had a ton of replies in 15 mins.It is a shame the local food pantries won't take them, I'd love to donate them, but I understand why they cannot. I don't sell mine, just give them away. Not worth the bother to me.
I will pm you. You can come and get some if you want. I am not going to get into selling them.
that would be great, thanks! my ducks aren't laying yet, as they're just 4 weeks old. :) we have chickens, but the chicken eggs give me an upset stomach.

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