cool internet trick! Problems PLEASE HELP

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    Roosters97, on the editing trick, I would like some more information on how you found, or created this, and could you get in trouble for doing that on other sites. What are you ACTUALLY doing? Are you editing the website? You Cant save it, So I'm guessing no.
    Everybody: Does this cause internet problems for any of you? With me, Whenever I'm finished editing the page, I refresh it, or close out the tab and when I come back, the whole website won't let any of the links work. I.E. When I press uploads, nothing happens and it says "stopped" at the bottom of the internet. The only way I can navigate to the page I want, is if I type in the whole address in the address bar at the top. I can view the page but I can't go anywhere else. It does this for any website I edit. Also, after I'm finished, It won't let me use the tab. For example I typed In my Email address And When I press tab to Type in My password, It doesn't let me.. It won't let me Even if I click to type it in.
    Everything is fine again if I close out and reload the internet browser.

    This happens on our laptop. We have a mouse attached to it.
    Please HELP!!!
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    Jan 23, 2008
    no it does not save! [​IMG] oh im sorry stuff is happening
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    Jan 23, 2008
    i'll get my friend computer guy to help out,Im so sorry [​IMG]

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