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  1. The incubator is almost ready. Nothing revolutionary. Our girls have raised chicks from day old that are now laying. The eggs are fertle and we are all looking forward to a hatch. I've a few more things to do on the bator. I've had helpful suggestions from members of BYC by Email and good descriptive threads and posts. Here are a couple pictures of the Coolerbator. Richard

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    What have you done for ventilation?

    what thermostat are you using?

    Good luck on the Hatch!
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    they are really simple to set up i had mine from a cooler to an incubator in 30 minutes

    just put water in there and open the drain plug then drill holes till your at 45-50% humidity then when ya plug the drain hole you should have 60-70% humidity and your ready to rock
  4. The thermostat is water heater thermo and for ventilation I have a fan running continuosly. I have not yet drilled fresh air vents. I have the working parts installed on a board so I can see where they work best. Thankyou.

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    [​IMG] looks good!!
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    I am new at this,
    do you have the step by step instructions for building this brooder and the supplies needed?

    I plan to do 4- 8 eggs max, so it doesn't need to be very big. what kind of cost for supplies do you think?

    where do the chicks go after they hatch? and for how long?

  7. Greetings, I will, in a while, do a step by step. However there are here on BYC some very good examples of this type of incubator, except for size and exact placement of certain items, they differ little.

    For use with less than half dozen eggs you won't need one this size. This chest is nearly 36" long.

    After studing here on BYC for a while and/or when you are ready and gathering what you need to build, ask the members who you see working with Homemade what to use for this or how did they do that.
    When you are ready I will be more than happy to help as would most others.

    For a dozen or less I would use a insulated box or case close to 24" long it will be at least 12" OD wide. Get that and we'll tell you what else you need. If you're like some of us you have most of what you need tucked away.
    You asked: Where do the chicks go after they hatch"? They go into a brooder. First things first.
    Good luck! I'm glad you like what you see.

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