Coop almost complete, help with final check list???

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    May 20, 2017
    Nova Scotia
    Hello everyone! My coop is finally close to being finished! It just needs to be painted (in progress ATM), a door installed for the chickens to get in and out/chicken ramp, and the hardware cloth installed in all the important places. So now I'm trying to think of all the other things
    1) I'll need a hanging water/feeder to help keep the shavings out
    2) going deep litter so start with a couple inches, add a thin layer every week. Everynight when locking the chickens in give scratch to stir it all up?
    3) do I need actual locks to lock the side up to keep raccoons out or is the sliding bolts okay? (I can go out for pictures later if needed)
    4) roosts, in the top part there's a bunch of exposed I think 2X2 and 2X3 are these okay for roosts or do I need proper ones? (Will take pictures soon)
    5) ants!!! We just moved the coop there from the garage yesterday morning and sooo many freaking ants have invaded!! Will the chicks looove them as a treat or find them annoying pests?! We seem to live on 3.5 acres of a giant ant nest we can't escape them
    6) they'll be free range so I was reading lock them in for 1-2 weeks to make sure they think of the coop as homebase and don't wander too far and come back too it?? I'll be building a predator proof run for them for days I'm intown and can't keep an eye out for them but they won't be started until later this month.. the side being painted is a drop down side so I'll put fencing on that so it can be down during the day so they don't bake inside and get lots of fresh air
    7) block off the nesting boxes until their of laying age?
    Thoughts on all of this?? Am I forgetting anything?
  2. EvansMeXo

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    May 20, 2017
    Nova Scotia
    IMG_3023.JPG IMG_3024.JPG IMG_3027.JPG IMG_3028.JPG I'm thinking these bolts won't keep anything out and need to be replaced.. can the exposed frame be considered roosts?
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    My Coop
    Don't think this coop is tall enough for a true deep litter,
    and the moisture needed for a true deep litter may well rot out that particle board.
    Best stay with dry bedding inside IMO.

    Sliding bolts definitely not raccoon proof. Better to go with hasps and something like caribineers, spring clips, or padlocks to go thru the loops.

    I believe with this design those framing components are meant to be roosts,
    personally I think the clearance around them is a bit tight, but they might work ok.

    One thing this design is sorely lacking in is ventilation.
    You need good ventilation 24/7/365.
    There should be some openings all along the 'cupola' portion on both sides,
    tucked up under the roof overhang.

    Dems my two cents.
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  4. EvansMeXo

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    May 20, 2017
    Nova Scotia
    Thank you for your reply! I didn't realize that there had to be a certain height for deep litter thanks for the information!
    The frame wasn't exactly supposed to be the way the way it is but it got messed up along the way lol
    I didn't think it would be, but that's what the plan called for so I got it, but it was concerning looking lol
    There is openings! Tucked up under both overhangs it's open the length of the coop, that's where we have to add the hardware cloth, I forgot to take pictures of that, it's really well hidden lol

    What do you think about the ants? Pests or tasty treats? I'm thinking if I have to try to remove them it'll be easier before I move the chickens in

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