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12 Years
May 23, 2011
Apollo, PA
Ok so i'm building my coop for my Coturnix quail, i'll probably have 3. i've been SCOURING the site looking at all different coops and setups. but i was mainly wondering what kinda things these type of quail like, i'm gonna have a little sandbox in there for them to play in, but then i got to thinking...what kinda sand? regular sandbox sand, or does it have to be something "cleaner" that you would get at a pet store.

planning on having a little nesting spot as well, and...maybe a little pool or sorts?

i'm not quite sure, anyone have any idea's that their coturnix really like(i heard they arn't much for perching, so sticks and stuff would be out?)

any info is helpful
No pool. They will just walk through it and poop in it or find a way to drown themselves in it.

Sand box is a big yes. Regular sandbox sand is fine.

Other items you might want to consider...

Wicker baskets they can climb in. Hollow logs they can run through. Fake foliage they can hide under.
I use mostly finished compost in the "sandbox". I figure as they bathe in it and dirt flies out into the droppings, it'll just help break the droppings down faster with the still active organism in the compost.
That works too. My quail will use their sandbox, but the also like to dig down in the litter and dust bath in the compost too.
whats the sand for anyway, is it just something that people know they like, or is there a reasoning behind it their feet or something?
They dust bathe to clean and condition their feathers it also helps them fight mites. So there is good reason for it. The fact that they enjoy the heck out of it and are fun to watch while doing it is just a bonus.

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