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    Mar 3, 2009
    I found a guy that got a free pop up camper and turned it into a boiled peanut concession stand.
    It has 4 sides covered w/ white siding, workable windows, & a plywood roof ( may have shingles too).
    There's a long sliding window w/ an outside shelf ,where he serves the peanuts.
    Propane tank outside & electical cord.
    Inside, the cabnets & sink is intact. Just enough space for 1 person to work in
    (or 4-5 chickens to live). This thing is adorable!
    I will try to get pics since he lives nearby.
    **He says he can build me a chicken coop very inexpensively and deliver it to my house.
    I have to get the details worked out ; find out how long it will take him & how much
    he charges.

    In the meantime, I found a lady who will sell me a small wooden shed for $25.00.
    She can't give me any info on size , she just says it's small.
    I told her I wanted to use it for 2 chickens and she said "that's what it was used for".
    I'm going to try to get out there in the morning (40 min. ride) to eyeball it.
    If it works out I'll have to rent a truck to haul it back.

    I'm getting closer and closer to getting myself a little coop before the cold weather hits and it feels great!
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    Congratulations! You'll have to post pix.


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