Coop and greenhouse in process- grateful for feedback


Mar 11, 2015

View of the inside from the deck.

View of back wall from front where nesting boxes will be accessable from a hinged roof over the boxes. Plan is for 4-6 hens, 2 boxes. Space is 3X8 feet inside coop.

Current flooring. Will put in hardware cloth going down 1 foot and out 6 inches.

View from front corner of the green house through the doorway into the coop (there will be a door there) Top between greenhouse and coop, and the top foot or so between the coop and deck will be hardware cloth as well for good ventilation.

3'X8 foot run leads back to....

2X9 foot run which leads to...

under deck run area. (Entrance to coop will be under here and we will be able to block off the runs as needed. It just has not been cut yet. 10X9 space) All of the run will be fenced in with hardwear cloth to keep any passing racoons or stray dogs out! Will be building a gate into the under deck area so we can put in a sand/ash box for the chickens to bathe in. This area does get morning sun.
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