coop and run sizes ???

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    I am planning to build a coop an run very soon and looking for at good size to build for at most 50 birds. I currently have 26 but just in case later I get more I want it to be large enough. I will build it all coop and run 6 feet high so I can walk in it without hitting my head,...but what about the floor and box area sizes with run.

    I want the birds more comfortable so tell me the facts. I am in Louisiana so humidity is more of a problem than cold.

    Any working ideas or sizes are welcome !

    Thank you
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    we are building three runs that wil connect via dors (can be left open between runs if we want) that are 12x12, 10x12, and 9x12(roughly) fr our ducks with each having its own pool/pond. The other end of the building (coop) has the chickens and we wil be rebuilding their run t be 12' out from the coop, 20' to the west and L shape back 10' along the west wall of the coop under palm trees. 4x4 posts set in concrete, flight netting along the tops of the runs.


    The runs get a combination of landscaping inside (ducks around the ponds) salad bar beds (raised gras areas for the chickens) and shade cloth ver part of the run tops t help keep them cool. The entire thing has an oak tree and palm trees also for shade.
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    The most commonly quoted size criteria are 4 sq ft per bird in the coop and 10 sq ft per bird in the run (at least).
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    Quote:Since you speak of run height I am thinking you mean it to be covered? You will almost certainly have to go with aviary netting (or some similar substitute -- i.e. hawk- and chickenproof but not raccoon- or other-predator-proof) simply because of the engineering and expense of building a wire or solid top for a 500+ sq ft run. So you may want to start using 'search' to check out various ways of setting that up -- some, like the circus-tent-pole type construction, work best with a squarish run, whereas others, like using hoops or wires or lumber, work best with a longer narrower run.

    As for coop size, as you know from your current chickens it is a tradeoff between the expense of building larger, and the aggravation of dealing with the consequences of more-crowded chickens (sanitation and air-quality management are harder, and you are more apt to have health or behavioral problems arise). So you have to pick where along the tradeoff you feel most comfortable.

    You might consider building as large as you possibly can an open shed (with mesh walls, I mean, no siding -- like a picnic shelter, and only JUST high enough for you to walk in), then you can close in one corner somewhat for them to have protection from storms, and if you decide to close in more of it in the future you can easily do so... but in the meantime you'll have built as large an area of protection and shade as your budget will stand, and that's probably the most useful thing in the long run.

    Good luck, have fun,


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