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    Jul 7, 2009
    I have just finished the basic 8x8 shed-soon-to-be-coop my 16 ladies will be living in soon. It's really slick and I'm pretty proud of myself. I put in the people door today and my framing was spot-on! Now is the part I am unsure of - the chickenizing of the structure. Question # one is where should I plan to have the chicken door and enclosed run that it leads too? The coop is beside some 20' pine trees (coop south of pine trees) and we have plenty of grass area (soon to be dirt apparently) for the run. I am planning on attaching 6' tall hardware cloth to 4x4 posts but have no idea how big to make the run and how to utilize sun/shade.
    Should I have the run come off the south side so they will get winter sun and cover part of the run with landscape fabric to give them shade in the summer? Or would it be best to have the run partially in the shade (under trees, behind coop on north side)?

    I'm guessing that I should also include a people entrance! I have this idea that I could add some temporary fencing at certain times of the year to the permanant runs people door to give the chooks a semi-free range experience (?)

    Thank you for any opinions or ideas regarding this rambling thread...
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    Here's what I have; I have a large run that sits under a pine tree on one side and is open to the sun on the other side. I love this set up as it gives them shade / sun when they want it.

    What I would do differently. I would have a pitched roof, so I could tarp the whole ****** thing in the rain and avoid the mud, slop and soaking when I collect eggs.

    I would have a double door, so I could get in,and close a door behind me and then walk into the run [when my girls are determined to get out there is no stopping them]

    I have battery operated motion lights in several areas of my coop. I love that, but since they are weather sensitive - I would have some sort of lip around the inside top of the run to protect them from the rain.

    I'd have a bigger run. No matter how big it is - I think you always want bigger. Make it twice as big as you think you need. I've zip tied big branches to the enclosure inside so they have lots of places to perch - both in the sun and shade. I'd also make a storage area inside my run so I don't have to make trips in and out with shavings, scratch and supplies.

    Good luck!
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    I also have a security light by my coop and run that is motion activated. I love that. Don't forget to consider drainage. Pick the side with better drainage. Most people eventually want to cover their runs, so consider that in your plans. And make sure the water run off from the coop roof and run is outside of the run.

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