Coop cleanliness,temp and boxes and floor

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  1. Drew Allen

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    Oct 22, 2009
    Hi we have some layers and I want to know how often do people clean there coops. Also what is a good tempature to ensure good laying production? And what do most people use to cushion the boxes? What kind of ground cover do you use or recommend I have some pine straw but it does not work very well. We also have a dirt floor and it seems to get rock hard from the chicken manure mixing with it.
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    Sep 8, 2009
    Sumrall, MS
    i put hay in my nest boxes and the hens just take it out. do the boxes need a cusion?
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    I've put together some thoughts on coop hygiene here, Drew:

    Generally, birds react to light for egg production rather than heat- 14 hours a day is a good target.

    I like shavings as bedding and in nest boxes, I agree with you about clumping and you want manure removal to be easy, and the bedding to be treatable with a good stall product. Your birds will scratch and aerate the bedding better, too. [​IMG]
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