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Aug 30, 2013
I have a Silkie and a duck who have bonded like siblings and get really agitated when apart. So, I am trying to figure out a good design for a coop/house for these two to stay together but moved to our main coop. I have a 8'x16' high barn shed that I am converting into a coop/potting shed I built a run on one side the same size as the shed itself. The inside will have wall which will designate the actual coop. I am figuring on at least 4'x8' across the back of the shed, maybe a bit bigger (like a 6'x8'). I need some suggestions for the duck and silkie please. I was thinking about making another run on the other long side of the shed just for them which would be a run for both and have a water feature for the duck, but trying to come up with a good design is getting aggravating. I know it needs to be insulated, and silkies do not do well in the there it is...any feedback will be welcome and appreciated. And just so no one asks, I dont put them with my other chickens because they have bullied and attacked the duck and silkie the few times we had them all together. Leghorns can be temper mental...or just mental....
I'm sorry I'm not much on designing, but your story is cute. It must be adorable watching your duck and chicken spending time together.
Hi. Welcome to byc. My ducks and geese free range all the time, all 4 seasons. They have dog houses available to go into and they never do. Even in below 0 temps they prefer outside. Haven't had any deaths or frostbite either. My silkies have an uninsulated coop without a heatlamp and they do just fine also. They aren't any different than other chickens other than they are fluffy. I believe I read that they originated from a cold area so they are bred for the cold. I could be wrong though I m constantly reading new things on them. I think people see the fluff and automatically think frail. If you are going to house them together make sure you put water outside coop so that the coop stays dry for them. I've seen people put up clear shower curtains to block the wind and snow from the run so chickens and ducks can enjoy outside time during winter. That's what I'm planning on doing tgis winter. Good luck and please be sure to keep us updated and show pics.
I miss read about the silkies....they are not heat tolerant....I was wrong on
Have ya found the silkie threads on here yet? Lots of great info on them. I've learned a lot about them. I had never heard of them till I got some from tsc. Had no idea what these fluffy things were. Lol. Now I have what I think are good quality silkies. Show quality no idea but I've only gotten them for my viewing pleasure so it doesn't matter to me. Have a couple showgirls also. A whole flock of cottonballs. Lol.
I will be posting some pics of the progress of our Coop and Run thus far in just a bit.....still tossing around ideas for the silkie and duck......Also, do any of you know what type of paint I should use inside the coop with the chickens? I was looking at those new deck paints that seem really tough like the Behr commercial from Home Depot, or a similar brand from Menards...or an oil based barn paint. Which would be better? And before I forget again, is DE good for the chickens to dust bathe?

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