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  1. BackyardCountry

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    Aug 31, 2011
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    I have started to hang license plates from all different places i've been to on the side of my coop and my sis made a sign that says Farm Fresh Eggs. I feel like our coop is kinds boring though....what can i put on it?
  2. F106A

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    Apr 9, 2011
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    Well, I haven't installed this yet, but here's the design I painted for the roof on the external nesting boxes. You could get as creative as you want for something like this. My daughter has sketched out several designs for the sides. We (meaning her really!) just haven't decided which one to use yet.

    Do you have kids? Let them have a go at it. It'll give them some ownership of the coop, so to speak, and may encourage them to help raising the flock. Okay, maybe that's just psycho-babble, but WTH, my daughter really wants to paint the coop! The chickens won't care!

  3. chickchicks

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    Jul 28, 2011
    warrington uk
    mine is the same i got a 6*4 shed so i painted it dark green with a bright blue edge

    i also got a sign that says beware the chicken s**t

    i have put leavels in the shed for them to jump about and im thinking of painting a patern net year if the weather stays good. this year every time i painted it rained [​IMG]
  4. DnA

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    Mar 24, 2011
    We missed the coop contest but as for an 'artsy' chicken casa check this out.
    It has since been modified with overhead netting, roosts and the grass has disappeared...
    Oh, and the chairs? Our entertainment seating- much better than the movies.
  5. 7L Farm

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    Jul 22, 2010
    Anderson, Texas
    I have this on my barn>[​IMG]
  6. Rustywreck

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    My girls had curtains inside, and a couple framed pictures of roosters - I couldn't find any rooster centerfolds. They've since knocked down and trashed all the decorations.
  7. Hawkeye95

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    I've bought a cast iron bell to hang on the outside. I'm contemplating a plant hanger to hang flowers. Also, I got some cute shutters at the ReStore that were $2 a piece and will be putting those on either side of the windows. I was going to make them... but I couldn't make them for $2! So I couldn't pass up that deal. I'm also on the hunt for iron work of any kind that I might be able to use on the coop. I'm not finished, so I have plenty of time still to dream up ideas. [​IMG] I got my rooster bell on eBay for like $10- it was cheap! If you search eBay for chicken stuff, you might find a cute deal on something you didn't think of! I'm also considering making or buying gingerbread for the eaves... we'll see. I could be worn out and tired by that point! ha!
  8. gale65

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    Quote:Do you have a pic of your coop with the bell on it? I saw on your byc page that you repainted yours. I found the ebay seller and am thinking about getting a bell. I want a weather vane too.
  9. Hawkeye95

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    Quote:Do you have a pic of your coop with the bell on it? I saw on your byc page that you repainted yours. I found the ebay seller and am thinking about getting a bell. I want a weather vane too.

    My coop isn't finished yet. [​IMG] But I have bought most of my decoration stuff- like the bell, the shutters, etc. The rest I plan on building when I get to that part. I think a weather vane will look great too! Definitely go for it and have fun with your coop! I plan on making mine as cute as possible since it can be seen driving down the dirt road. Here is my progress so far. I plan on hanging the bell on the wall that has the nest box on it. I want it in a very visible spot so I can enjoy looking at it while I do yard work or play in the garden. I have probably more grandiose plans than I can afford to do, that's for sure. [​IMG] But I'll do what I can. My Habitat ReStore has been a GREAT resource for cheap building stuff.
  10. Pharm Girl

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    Jan 6, 2011
    Decorative clean up hanger:

    Milk glass:

    Stove burner covers from the $1 store. 4 for a $1, can't beat it.

    .25 cent garage sale rooster..

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