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    Is a coop where the chickens go to roost or where they roost and nest? I have set my chicken living quarters up where the chickens can be locked up and secured for roosting but the nest will be out in the fenced in area. Will this be a problem? We are new to this and have 15 one week old chicks right now. 5 black australopes, 5 rhode island reds, and 5 buff orpingtons. We are enjoying every minute of it!!
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    I would say its a coop. Chickens don't sleep in their nests or they shouldn't. Coop should be four square feet per chicken and run should be ten per chicken .... give or take. Just make sure they are secure in their run from predators.
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    A coop is a shelter for roosting and most people put the nest boxes in there (sometimes the food) to stay dry. The run is where birds spend most of their time, even in the winter, where they scratch, sunbathe, dust bath and generally hang out. If the run is secure (wire top and skirted) and the coop in insode the run, then coop security and lock down is not needed. If the coop is on the outside of the run or the run is not secure then nightly lockdowns and crossed fingers are needed.
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