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  1. They were okay, but now what I wanted. I have a bunch of scrap wood that I want to use to build my coop. I'm young (in high school) and not that good of a builder, but would like to do MOST of it on my own. I have my mom to help. I have very limited amounts of money meaning less than $100 to build this coop. I will EVENTUALLY buy shingles, siding and such, but need to get started. Right now my four babies are in a dog run with a doghouse as their coop!

    I was thinking of making it either 8x8 or 8x4. 6 foot tall probably.
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    You could start by taking an inventory of the wood you have available.

    Using your imagination and that inventory, make a sketch of a coop that best utilizes the wood.

    Start building it.

    Use screws so you can take it apart if something isn't working.

    Take pictures the whole way through and share with BYC so people can help you. For example, post your sketch and inventory before you start building -- someone should be able to tell you if it is a feasible design or not. Post more pics as you progress ....

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    Go for it. Building it is easier than you probably have pictured in your mind. We are here to help you along the way if you get stuck. Take lots of pictures as you go and share please.

    Not sure if you had a question in you post or not but we are with you in spirit.[​IMG]
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    This is a cute design. If I was just starting again I would probably use it as a guide. You might be able to adapt it to the materials that you have on hand. I couldn't get the link to work, but google Hen Hotel and I think you can get to it.
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    Quote:Sorry about not putting in the ?.

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  6. Sorry about not putting in a question. What are some good designs? Also any lessons learned on your coop would be helpful
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    If you only have a few, 5 or less, you might consider building a tractor for them. They are prettty simple to build and cost effective and the birds seem to love them.
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    first of all, don't ever underestimate your abilities. When you start by saying I'm not good at ..x.. chaces are, you won't be because you have already talked youself into it. Believe you can do it. Everyone has to start somewhere. You CAN do it. Have fun doing it. Just a bit of wisdom from an older DIYer.
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    How about using pallets? You can get them for free and lots of people have used them to build a coop. You don't need a big coop for now, and it'll help keep costs down.
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    If you are able to obtain palates, remove the boards off one side of it, use 2 wide for the back, attach to 2 more palates secured together as the floor (take under side of floor wood off and set on rocks), use wood you have removed to fill in the back to make a wall, then if you like, you can use 2 more palates as the other side, cover that will a heavy gauge wire and cover with a heavy clear plastic that you can pick up at most Walmart stores.
    The ends would probably take 1 palate each and one 4x8 (I think) sheet plywood for the floor. Now as for a door, you can make one with the frame work of the palate or a lift cover. I'd cut some strong small trees as rafters and place scrap wood over it, cover with a tarp staple down and you will be surprised how much you can accomplish. Palates are free, go to your local Walmart store and ask about it. With 4 chicks, using a few sized trees (2 -4 inch) size, for roosts.

    Sit down with what you have, do an inventory and go one step at a time, mark down what piece you wish to use for what, that way you won't use things in the wrong place.
    Do not get overwhelmed, also, what is wrong with a dog house for a coop! That is where I began, cover the outside with plastic, roof the whole pen and you have a beautiful home for your birds! Chickens are tough if you just keep the wind or breeze from them! The clear plastic will allow sun in and shield them.
    Good luck and sorry its so long!

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