Coop door fell and hit Polish Hen in head.....


Aug 28, 2019
Marshall NC (western NC mountains)
my coop door fell and hit my 9 month old Blue Polish Hen in the head - when i found her, she was still, then trying to move very wobbly and her head wobbled. She went to the back of my A frame coop and stayed for hours still, and then got out and walked around. I tried to give her food, and she would reach her head down to near the ground but she couldn't judge the distance and gave up - not sure if she drank I left Electrolyte water in the coop, and then gave her Rescue Remedy by mouth.

On top of all this I had a silkie 2 month old start with a crusted nose for a couple weeks, then progressed to wing paralysis and then to complete leg paralysis. I had to have him put down...ugh. So any experience with that also I'd appreciate. He came from a local chicken farm that raises lots of breeds.
Any experience or suggestions? I new at chickens - started April 2019. The stated they have had no problem - asI think it sounds like Marek's disease.

It does sound like possible Mareks disease with the silkie, but it is best diagnosed with a necropsy done by the state vet so that testing can be done. If you lose another chicken, keep the body cold until you can send it to the state vet.

As for your polish chicken, she may just be stunned, but she could also have a head injury. I would bring her inside to a do crate near you, so that you may offer her some wet chicken feed, cooked egg or tuna, and water often. It is good that she can walk, but she will need to get water soon to survive. Let us know how she gets along, and if she has any problems moving her neck.

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