1. Grace8269


    PLZ HELP ME!! My chickens have poopy buts, and i dont know if u can see, but they also have "v" shaped feathers. this has been going on too long and i dont know why
  2. thirteen wings farms

    Help! Exposed crop due to injury

    i was walking through my back yard and i noticed a clump of feathers on the ground, i went to check on one of my chickens, rachel, and she was missing a huge chunk of skin. they usually stay inside their run but they had escaped. i isolated her and cleaned the wound a bit when i noticed her crop...
  3. SilverFoxRanch

    Please Help.. She is getting worse, looked like Vent Prolapse

    I need help, please, any idea of what’s happening and what can I ado to help my little amami? This morning I Found my 2 months old coturnix Quail Hen with what I thought was a prolapse vent Photos should explain better A”sac” it’s hanging out from the vent, feels bumpy, i would guess full of...
  4. Murphy_the_Hooligan

    Sick Button Quail?!

    I purchased 2 pairs of buttons from a breeder in another state and received them about 2 weeks ago. They have adapted fine, however this morning I found the blue female deceased in the cage :hit she was acting completely normal and this was unexpected. Now my Darth Vader male, the blue female’s...
  5. C

    Spider bite?

    Hello everyone, o walked out this morning to see one of my girls laying on the ground, barley able to walk. When I looked closer her thigh was huge, a little smaller than a golf ball and hard. The skin around it was a purple pink color and she had a scab that was yellow. She showed no signs...
  6. G


    Hi everyone, this is my 4th time hatching chicks. This little bantam egg started pipping but after 26 hours had made no more progress so I decided to help. I peeled away the shell really carefully but he was too weak to kick out of the membrane. I pulled the membrane away slowly and his head...
  7. Nelson-Collier

    🚨 Potential Dying Hen? Help??!

    (Pictures provided below.) One of my 7 laying hens has been extremely lethargic and listless for the past couple of days. I first noticed it when I let them out the other day to roam while supervised (I have a large caged in run I keep them in, adequate feed and water). After they all ran out...
  8. Lady_Bat

    Emergency - Stridor Help

    Hey everyone, We have a 5 month old Easter Egger that just laid her first egg today. She was fine all of today, we went to lock the girls up tonight & I could hear 1 with Stridor from across the field. It's Cinco De Clucko. She is the only 1 that is in any way acting different or...
  9. D

    Duckling gets Twisted neck and seems to have fever... I don't know what to do

    Ok. So I adopted a small duckling I think he is around 5-7 weeks. He was fine th first weeks but two days ago he had some sort of seizure. He would go really tense and his neck twisted and his legs stretched. I thought he was dying. I just took him and soothed his neck and legs and gave him...
  10. C

    Is this fowl pox? EMERGENCY

    Is this possibly fowl pox or what? The turkey is with another one that has not gotten these lesions. Please help!
  11. TopazMaster91

    Need fast advice- Eye Injury, cause unknown

    Our Japanese Bantam rooster has an eye injury of some sort, I didn't see it happen so I don't know how it happened, but my best guess is a badly aimed peck from a hen that didn't want any action; Today I noticed his left eye is swollen and he keeps it shut, won't open it, and he is a lot less...
  12. Sheriloo3

    Emergency hatch, had to help. Did i do the right thing?

    Hello all! The deed has already been done, as I didn't have a minute to spare looking up info before I did it. Basically, I'm looking to find out if I did the right thing and if I'm on the right track! I hatched 9 Ayam Cemani eggs yesterday (certainly not my fist hatch, but my first emergency...
  13. lesterandlucy

    Help! Botulism/dehydration in my goose

    I am here hoping some experienced goose parents can give some more insight or advice. I’m pretty sure I have a handle on the situation but all the knowledge I can get is critical. My goose Lester was showing signs of severe dehydration (live in south Florida, it’s hot). He could not hold his...
  14. B

    Help my chickens eyeball!

    Hello, I posted on the emergency page but have had no replies. My little chicken has eye damage. It has been separated and is still eating and drinking. I thought it was pecked out but the eye ball is still there. The entire thing looks like it has dropped further into eye socket almost like it...
  15. B

    Damaged eye

    Hello all, Today I noticed my young chicken had what I thought was a pecked out eye. After irrigating it I could see the eye itself was still there but perhaps detached. The whole side of its right head is swollen. I went to get Terramycin and applied it tonight. It has been separated from the...
  16. I

    Baby chick so sick! Having seizures help!

    Hey, I have five chicks, the first one had some kind of illness I couldn't really figure the illness but it looks contagious but then my other chick started getting as sick at he was, we observed her poop and so she had a slightly bloody one then it changed to orange then it's now brown. Also...
  17. S

    chicken with big white bubbles on feet

    My four year old Barred Rock hen has really cracked looking feet, with two or three white masses on them. I keep her coop clean, she has access to fresh food, oyster shells, and water. What are these, and how do I help her get rid of them/prevent them for the future? Thank you!!
  18. R

    Please help. Immediately!

    I found one of my hens chick's just outside without mama. I know enough about chicks to tell that was way too cold. It's been under the heat lamp for bout 2. It keeps craning its neck over it's back and to can't keep it's eyes open. Despite my effort's it won't settle and sleep under the heat...
  19. ForestAlice

    Accidentally kicked my duckling, now he’s scared/hurt?

    We were changing our duckling’s brooder our before bed when my partner accidentally bumped the duckling with their foot when I wasn’t looking. He scrambles across the floor, he’s scared, we both panic. We try and hold him, but he was clearly scared and running away from us. I tried for...
  20. ansmith1999

    Chick Can’t Bend Leg

    Hello, My sisters silkie chick (under a week old, not sure of the exact age) suddenly had splayed legs this morning, one in front one in back. Earlier we did the hair tie trick to get her legs to stay together and try to keep them under her, but she cannot stand or move, and is unable to bend...
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