1. Joyfillednomads

    It was all planned, but we are an incubator short. Ahhh

    So I had it all planned. Lol One incubator, one crappy Styrofoam back up and as lockdown hatcher. I had both set up to incubate eggs... then our eggs got the boot from the good incubator to make way for quail eggs. So... We debated about buying another Styrofoam incubator --> but in all...
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  3. Joyfillednomads

    Back yard chicken math...

    How do you add to flock... without overwhelming spouse? Love our flock. Hi... I have an addiction. I'm gonna take responsibility but I'm gonna say yall make it so easy and fun to get into it.
  4. flowersandtaters

    Rescue Chicken - Help!

    Hey everyone! I am new to this forum and this is my first year raising chickens - so I am pretty inexperienced. Yesterday I rescued a chicken from my husbands work. He works at an auto shop on a very busy road. She was there for at least a week. Chickens are not allowed in this area of town and...
  5. C

    Help! Sick chicken since August! Keeps laying down, losing weight, not laying, lethargic

    A little backstory: I have a Lavender Orpington hen that was born June 2019. She was vaccinated for Mereks by the hatchery before being shipped. On September 2020 she was attacked by a wild animal and survived bites on her back and neck. With a lot of TLC, she was better and acting normal with...
  6. B

    Egg bound budgie with deflated egg needing emergency help

    Hi, I was hoping for some help or some advice as I cannot get any help from local vets, even avian vets are either far too far away to take her or never have appointments even for emergencies. I have a 7 year old budgie named Lemon. She had never laid eggs before but her sister had laid...
  7. S

    Help. Injured chicken. Open Wound

    What do I even do??? I walked into my coop this morning and found this! The chicken is pretty weak.
  8. M

    Coccida or internal bleeding ??

    This morning when i was letting out the birdsI saw this VERY bloody poop. The one who has it is a 10 week old chick. I had to make her get out of the coop, I sat her over in a corner near water and food which she pooped more bloody. I have her separated now, two days ago she got slightly stepped...
  9. Adil_Ali

    Help! Weak chicken.

    Hey there, I have a polish pullet that’s gone really thin and weak. What could I do. I went in the coop today and found one of the roosters dying. Unfortunately I don’t think he’ll be able to make it. But I think I can do something about the hen. What can I do? Cheers, Adil
  10. A

    EMERGENCY|| Duck attacked

    One of our ducks, Quackers, was attacked last night. She couldn’t get away because she has a lame leg. Luckily my sister and her fiancé showed up and found her. She’s almost finished with nursing school so she was able to stop the bleeding. I’ve cleaned the wounds the best I can for now until...
  11. witchypaz

    Slimy yellow mass came out with my duck's poop, is this a bad sign?

    hi! my one and a half year old female fawn runner had a normal poop (blue from blueberries lol) and something small, yellow and slimy came out with it. i thought upon first looking that it was a small slug, because it looks and feels like one, but she hasn't eaten any slugs that i know of (we've...
  12. Hanusaur

    Emergency!!! Can’t tell if she is egg bound?? Warning: picture of chicken vent

    I found her acting weird in the side yard. Looks like she’s trying to lay an egg. I moved her to the coop initially, hoping she would lay there. But she moved all the way back to the side yard and back to the same spot you can see in the picture. She had energy this morning, but her general...
  13. Greystone farm

    Swollen tummy/abdomen

    Hi there! My precious Rhode Island Red hen Oakley seems to have a bloated/swollen abdomen and I have no clue what to do about it. She has a rather intense medical history... over a year ago Oakley was attacked by a wild animal and her esophagus was ripped open. She underwent a surgery and...
  14. Is that an Egg?

    Sick Ducklings HELP PLEASE

    I NEED HELP!! EDIT: Could this be paint toxicity?! We painted the coop and the only thing I can think of that could’ve gotten them sick other than natural reasons is maybe they got into the paint? UPDATE #1: Black duckling is inside under the heat lamp, laying completely flat. Don’t think...
  15. May_1

    URGENT help

    Is this foot okay? My duck just suddenly started limping and won't put pressure on this foot. What are the possibilities?? She keeps falling and it's so heartbreaking Edit: the foot is really warm
  16. Wild--Star

    Surgery - Is It Worth It?

    My Isa Brown hen Ava is 3 years old. She has a mass of what might be hard eggs in her reproductive tract. She is doing okay so far and is acting normal despite the mass and has been for a while but the vet said it will eventually become life-threatening and if I want to prolong her life she...
  17. BadChicknMath02


    (scroll to bottom if you dont want to read) So, I was with my mom and sister in our backyard taking care of our horse's hoof while my dad mowed the tall grass. All of our chickens were out running around and keeping from the mower.. (We have three coops and more than one rooster in each coop...
  18. emu6200

    Cataract in emu

    Hello, For the past 2-3 days, I have noticed a white lens forming on the right eye of my emu. I’m not sure if it’s a cataract or nuclear sclerosis. Today, I checked on it and it looked like she was trying to scratch the eye with her foot. It also looked like there was some water discharge...
  19. 4yearsofchickens

    Help!! Set egg cracked and is bleeding two weeks early!

    So I have a long story, with many mistakes. I know I made some mistakes, and already feel terrible. (TL;DR at bottom) This started the first week of July. One of hens went broody, and after unsuccessful attempts to break it, on July 17 I decided to get 6 fertile eggs from a friend and let her...
  20. A

    Help! Pendulous crop issue!

    This is the first crop issue I've come across in my young flock, this is my first flock that I've raised and I didn't know what I was facing at the moment. One of my ameraucana hens, Momo, was visibly having problems with her crop, I first thought sour crop as I've seen the nasty liquid come out...
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