Coop for three hens

Deb Voss

6 Years
Aug 15, 2017
Is anyone familiar with the Cove Chicken Condo? Is the modern barn sturdy? How about the Over EZ Coops? I'm going to have 3 or 4 hens, and I need a coop and run that is fairly easy to assemble. So many coops I've looked at seem to be so flimsy. Can anyone give advice?
Thank you!!!
Welcome! It will be hard to find positive feedback on those prefab coops; tiny, flimsy, overpriced, and unsuitable for chickens in so many ways!
The very best coop is the Woods coop, which is bigger than you will need (at least right now!). A modified garden shed works very well, and so will a hoop coop, the least expensive design.
For four hens, at least sixteen to twenty sq. ft. of floor space in the coop, and a covered run in addition, unless you like to shovel a lot of snow.
'aart' on this site, has links to many good articles about coop design and ventilation. Predator proofing too.
As far as pre-fabs, both of those look much better than most. I would be worried about ventilation since it appears to be lacking on both models. Like all pre-fabs, they over estimate the number of chickens that would be happy in the coops, but for 3 chickens they appear addequate.

The run for the cove is not rodent/mink/weasel proof without modifications so that may be a consideration for you.

If you are looking in that price range and are sure you don't want to build your own there are some other options:
The ones you mention look to be of a better quality than the typical big box specials people always ask about.

Of Course, for not a whole lot of money you could put together a 4x4 or 4x6 coop, framed out of 2x4's and with decent plywood for the sides.
I’ve been keeping three to four chickens in a 4x4 coop and 6x8 run, and that’s about as small as I’d go. In fact, they really only work because they’re full standing height, so I can go vertical on things that would otherwise take up floor space. Nesting boxes are high enough off coop floor that the chickens can make use of the entire 4x4 floor area, and the poop tray and roosting bar are above the nesting boxes, accessible via a ramp. Same in the run, the waterer hangs in one corner, and the roosting bar is about 18” above the floor, so they can make use of the entire floor area.

I think this is a great size for three hens, but the run seems a little confining with four big hens in it.

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