Coop has been ordered! SO EXCITED

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  1. ChickyBangBang

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    Sep 18, 2012

    Well, after all was said and done, and calculators and visits to the lumberyard were taken into account, we discovered that it would be way more money for us to build our own coop like the one we want - as it would be to order one.

    That being said, we officially ordered our very first chicken coop today!!

    This is the site:

    and this is the one we have chosen (they call it a chicken cabin - kind of cute) (the smallest one, 4x9)

    We are getting the hawaiian blue metal roof (kind of slate blue) and the coop itself will be painted white.

    Chickie eggs were supposed to arrive today but didn't, so I'm hoping tomorrow.

    The fine aggregate for the bottom of the coop will be arriving the day after the coop is delivered.

    They build to order, so it will be delivered at the end of October (plenty of time). It comes with electricity, roosts, ventilation and nesting boxes, and has easy access.

    I plan on puttin flower boxes at the base. [​IMG]

    This is starting to feel real now!
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  2. UrbanChickensUT

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    Aug 3, 2012
    That is exciting and it looks like you picked out a nice coop. Enjoy!
  3. jeep381

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    Mar 9, 2012
    That's a nice coop. How many chickens are you going to have?
  4. ChickyBangBang

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    Sep 18, 2012
    Hi :) Thank you so very much for the nice replies...I'm super excited about this new journey! We are going to have 3 hens is all (answering your question). The coop is built large enough for 8, but we won't be having that many. I just spoke with the designer/builder on the phone this evening and he is SUCH a nice guy! Very down to earth and friendly, and very informative about chicks and chickens, too...had a lot of experience to share with me...which helps this newbie a lot. :)

    My husband and I are still in the process of building a chicken run thing (big wire/wood thing, lol!) so they can run around the backyard for some of the day if they choose to.

    I must admit though, I'm getting very worried about my eggs :( They didn't show up in the mail today so I hope they come tomorrow. I was told it's not the length of time that matters, because the eggs can wait for up to 10 days before starting to lose their success rate - but I'm worried about where they are and if it's cold or hot, and if they're being jostled around, etc. I just want them in the house where it's safe.[​IMG]
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    Jun 5, 2009
    Aurora, MO

    You will like their coops. I have one that they built me a little over two years ago. If you go to their website under the "other Creations" tab, my coop is in the far left column of coops, the second one down from the top. It's the one with the blue roof, sitting on a trailer with the light next to the door. Here are a couple of pictures of it at the house. I added the 4x4's and galvanized runners under the coop so I could raise it up some and so it could be mobile if I need it to be.

    I bought my coop from them when they were just starting out and advertising on CL. They now have many more coop options then they did in the past. They are well built. I spray a water sealer on mine every year to keep the wood protected.

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