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    On the No heat side....

    I live in Northern ontario canada and my coops are not heated. to heat or not to heat is a much debated issue here in BYC, a lot of people will tell you that it add to comfort but come winter time and people start to add their pics of the coop fires they had because of the heating they thought their chickens needed and you will quickly think twice.

    It got to negative 43 celcius here last winter and my chickens were quite happy and still went outside every day.

    Don't get me wrong though some chickens do need a heat source, specially if they are molting or chicks, but if you have hardy chickens and good ventilation they will do fine, Best thing to do is to be sure the coop is insulated if you are worried.

    Me my coop is not insulated at all, its well ventilated, but no drafts, cause drafts are definitely no good for them. look up pat and chickens and see her pages on cold climate coops she has all the good info :) she helped me ease my fears about m chickens and heat last year when I was really thinking about adding a heat source. Good thing I didn't with the amount of chicken dust, shavings and straw its quite dangerous.

    Pro heat side...I have heard that the closed oil filled heaters seem to be safe enough though :)

    Good luck in your decission,

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