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    Ok, so I need Idias for a coop it will be holding 2-4 chickens and it will have a run and I need Idias please
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    4 sq. ft. per bird inside, 10 sq. ft. per bird outside. 4x4 footprint works great. If you have a peaked roof /\ then you need a cupalo for ventilation. If you have a shed roof \ then you can install windows along the top of the tall wall for ventilation. Make I_I raised base out of 2x4's. Use it to raise the coop 2 ft. off the ground. Now you can use the space under the coop to count for the 40 sq. ft. you need for their yarf space. Then, go to Lowes and get some of that translucent carpet runner protector. After you have installed the chicken wire on the walls, tack this carpet protector around the 3 sides of the I_I . This will give the birds an outside shelter from foul weather. Attach at 4' wide x6' long x6 ft. tall yard to the coop and you're good to go!
    Here's a nice view of a raised coop with a peaked roof. Notice the cupalo runs the entire length of the coop. Great idea there. The small windows alo the sides of the cupalo? For ventilation, what you do is securely fasten 1/4 or 1/2 inch hardware cloth over the openings on both sides. The make channels along both the top and bottom of the openings. Now go buy some sturdy plexiglass. Slide it in the channels on both sides . Now you have adjustable sliding vents. It works great. We have them on a coop built over this design. Slide open or shut as needed. Rain coming from one direction? Close that side and open the other!! Great versatiity! Plus it gives you extra height to hang the light from. Nice thing about the cupalo in this design is the pattern for the ends of the cupalo can be cut in one piece with the end wall of the coop.

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    Here's a nice shed type coop. See how they properly put the windows at the top of the tall wall? The width is good but the windows should be 3 times as tall.
    The science is that the coop faces south so this wall gets sun all day long as the sun moves east to west, When the windows are tall enough, the sun comes in during the day and helps kill bacteria in the coop. That doesn't happen as much when the windows are as narrow as they are here. Nice if the windows have a door which opens during the day and closes at night for security.
    Here is another nice peaked roof/cupalo coop.
    Builders missed the boat on the cupalo. It does serve a purpose. They should put in little windows on all four sides which can open and close. Another thing...do yourself a favor and increase the height of the yard so you can walk in. Otherwise, you will rue the day you didn't , when you need to crawl in on your hands and knees to retrieve a recalitrant hen or feeding dish. Yuck, crawling thru chicken poo dirt. Been there, done that. No more crawl-in runs here! Also, out river sand on the bottom of your yard about 3 inches deep. ( not play sand which has too much silica in it) it will help drain the yard and keep the chickens clean so they aren't muddy. Roof your run with some simple method. Your chickens will really appreciate it keeping them out of sun and rain.
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    it needs to be a chicken tractor

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