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Mar 4, 2011
Orange County CA
OK please give feed back or suggestions. Thinking of chickens in the suburbs, please see my intro post. We aren’t supposed to have chickens where we live. I have never followed all the rules in life. Soooo why start now. This is what I am thinking. 3 hens NO CHICKEN MATH (suggestions on quite ones would be great) we are thinking Easter eggers. The hen house WILL BE 3x5 raised 18 inches off the ground about 48 inches tall from floor to ceiling. There will be a chicken door to their run. Their run will be 4 ½ feet wide 46 inches by 10 feet long in addition to the area under the pin. The top of the run will be 34 inches high. I plan on sectioning part of the back yard off with a white picket fence about 5 foot tall on one side with six foot block walls to neighbor’s houses on two sides and a four foot block wall that goes next to out patio area. for their free range area with grass some palm trees and bugs that measures 24ft by 33 foot. You think this is enough room? This free range part of the plan is also where the dog poops, do chickens eat dog poop? Any ideas or suggestions on my plan please give your expert advice.
The coop is plenty enough for three hens, you mention palm trees so I'm guessing that you live somewhere that has warmish winters. Going from the 1o feet per hen in the coop, that's plenty room too.

I'd pick up the dog mess before free ranging, it's just hygienic. Also I caught a hen of mine pecking at a cat turd today.

Most birds are quite most of the time, once they've finished laying they're noisy as for a minute or two.

good luck

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