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Aug 3, 2016
Feeding chickens
I've seen some ones I like and some people give some info on how they built it which is helpful. I'm going to have bantams. I need some coop ideas for them if you could post pictures that would be great! (I also really like "The Eggplant" and Cheryl's Hen house)
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You may have seen this, but if not......prepare to be lost for days.........

What you ultimately decide to build should (not saying it will, but should) depend on how many birds you intend to keep and your climate. Beyond that, it is highly suggested by most here to build something if you can manage it vs. buying one of the commercial coops sold to backyard growers. Those are almost always too small, never hold what they promise and depending on the builder are rarely well designed to house birds, which seems odd since that is their stated purpose. Instead, they are built to be sold, so tend to be glitzy eye candy that looks like what these builders think a good coop should look like, but the birds, if they live through it, won't be impressed.

The same might be said of what you decide to build. I'd eschew cute and bling in favor of "form follows function". Nothing wrong with cute and bling if that's what matters to you, but the birds will prefer you get the other part right first.

For the money spent, you can get far more by building it yourself. It's not rocket surgery.

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