coop insullation?..Help!

lisa new chickens

9 Years
Apr 10, 2010
I have a 4x4 wooden doghouse/coop...I converted it this past summer. I cut out windows on 3 sides with a 1x2 open front to the run. This is a very sturdy house, but the windows i cut too big, I think. They only have galvanized steel on them and the coop is very airy. This was great for our 90+ heat this past summer. I am worried about this winter. I have read and been told to use the foam insullation from home depot. I am thinking about buying enough tomorrow to insullate up the windows and covering all but about 3 inches of each one. I am going to insullate ALL the walls. Is this a good idea? I went a little over board with ventalation.
If you use the foam, which sounds ideal for what you describe, then cover the foam with some thin board material, 1/4 inch luan, very thin plywood or old paneling. This keeps chickens from pecking at the insulation.

I put the insullation in this afternoon. i only have three bantam hens, and the only time they are in the coop is when they sleep. i am not worried about the pecking. I am sure they are cozy tonight!

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