Coop integration


Jun 6, 2020
I have 4, 11 week pullets. I also have 3, 7 week pullets and 2, 5 week pullets that I am trying to integrate. They spent several days only seeing each other and have now spent 2 days free ranging together. No serious issues. 2 of the big girls seemed to be in charge and pecked on occasion but for the most part everyone kept their distance. I noticed tonight the 4 big girls basically stood guard of the run entrance and didn’t let the littles in. Finally my big girls went to bed. Previously I was placing the 5 “little girls” in a dog crate inside the coop for overnight. Tonight I went to put the littles to bed without the crate and my big girls all stood up big and tall. I was worried so I placed them back in the crate. How long until the crate won’t be necessary? I worry most about my 5 weekers. They are golden lace seabrights and seem so tiny. They stick with the 3 isa browns very well though. Any additional tips appreciated.

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