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5 Years
Apr 20, 2017
Vancouver Island
Hi everyone! We are in the process of building our first coop, very exciting! We currently have 8 chicks, ranging from 5-6 wks old, but they are straight run so I'm sure I'll lose a few.

Anyway, we have the coop walls up now. The next things to be done are the details: access ramp, hardware cloth, man door, nesting boxes, roost, window! As we get ready to do the coop interior, I thought if check in to see if folks had suggestions for design/placement of the various components.
Here is the coop as it stands:


The long side of the entire coop/run structure faces east, so nice morning sun but, thanks to big trees and cedar hedge, most of the rest of the day is shady. The coop is 4'x8', and the run is 8'x12'. Each long side of the coop has two doors, allowing the sides to be opened completely to make deep cleaning easy. The open angled areas above the coop walls will be mesh, and the coop interior will be open to the roof (ie. there isn't a secondary roof on the coop structure). I may add optional plexiglass covers for some or all of those, but have read over and over about the importance of ventilation. FYI, we live in central BC, with hot dry summers and moderate snowy winters (occasionally down to -20C, but mostly around -10C and dry). Back to the coop...
My current plan: three external nesting boxes, built into the rear side door; a plexiglass window (that can opened) either on the east end or on the forward side door (so that would be facing south); one roost running the length of the coop, with a poop board (probably split into two sections to make removal easier); and the pop door on the forward side door inside the run (obviously).
Any suggestions? Anything you would do differently?
Sorry for the extremely LONG post!

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