Coop Kits??

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5 Years
Apr 1, 2014
Hi My name is Mike and I live in Southern Vermont. I am looking for a Coop and I am no carpenter!!!! Has anyone bought a pre-made one that stores like Tractor Supply sell? Any help you could provide would be great!!
The ones from Tractor Supply are awful and too expensive for what they are and will fall apart. Ware Manufacturing right? Not good. I don't know where in S. Vt you are, but call up Erskine's in Chester and ask them for the contact info for a guy named Bill who makes and sells coops and occasionally puts a display coop in their parking lot. His coops are awesome, they last. My first coop was one of his and a part of a pine tree fell on it and all that happened was a part of the metal roof got a very small dent. They are timber frame style and he mills his own lumber and he delivers them all made and ready for chickens, on a trailer. I saw a display one in the parking lot at Erskine's last spring and he's improved the design even more. I like mine but it was made years ago and since then he has made nice little improvements, like plexiglass in the windows that can be put in and removed with the season by turning little thumbscrews.

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