Coop Ladder confusion!

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  1. Chickorita

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    Jan 25, 2014
    Norwich, UK.
    Yesterday we finished the new run and moved the hens into their new enclosure/house. I made them a ladder (as shown) yet they don't seem to know how to use it!

    We moved them at night (yesterday) so put them in the house ourselves as it was dark. This morning they didn't use the ladder but instead jumped/flapped down into their enclosure and this evening they haven't attempted to go up to roost (even though its almost dark) Instead they have chosen to perch on the rail of the table under their house! My husband is now picking them all up and putting them up to roost.

    They didn't have a raised house previously however will they learn how to use this? Is there anything we can do to encourage them or is there something wrong with the ladder made?

  2. jetdog

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    Jun 18, 2013
    Don't let them out leave them in for a couple of days and they will learn where home is, when it gets dark go out and place them on the roost they won't move if it's dark. They will catch on.
  3. WoodenCoyote

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    Jan 18, 2014
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    You may have to hold them and make them "bunny hop" up rung by rung. A neighbor had to do that after replacing her old, collapsing ladder with a new one. Too much change, apparently...
  4. scooter147

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    Jul 30, 2008
    You will probably have to put them in the new coop at night for a few nights until they learn were they need to roost at night.

    The ladder looks fine. It's not unusual for chickens to fore go a ladder coming and going. Meaning the they will take a step or two out and just fly to the ground and when going in they rarely start at the bottom but fly to some point on the ladder and then walk in.
  5. cafarmgirl

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    If the ladder is steep they may be resistant and unsure of using it at first. Make sure your coop is inviting to them as well. Chickens don't naturally want to go into a dark box so make sure you have good ventilation and let in a much natural light as possible to help encourage them to go in on their own.

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