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    Hi all!

    Designing a DIY coop and wondering what latchs are best? Do chest latches work against predators for smaller doors? What about those gate latches that you have to move a lever to release the opening on the shank before you can open the door for larger doors? Also considering installing baby proofing latches on the i side for double security. Thoughts?
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    I like the spring lock hook and eye...or loop and hasp with a caribineer.
    All my doors have a screen door spring for self-closing.
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    I use closures which require the predator to move the fasten 2 different directions at once. Raccoons ca be very nimble with their paws. Like the hook and eye latch with a spring in the hook which always keeps it closed. So one has to pull back the spring and lift the hook at the same time. Or a latch like on a chest where the top flange comes down and goes over the half circle on the bottom latch. Then I use a spring clip like on a dog leash to clip thru the half circle..
    yes, the yard is smashed. an 80 foot pine tree fell on it, missed the coop by inches. the coop has since been sold and we are clearing away the mess and going to build a new coop this summer.
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