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Feb 12, 2012
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Can chainsaw shavings be used from Redwood and other trees??????
I have a bunch from cutting up firewood
I currently use shavings designed for horse stalls, but not sure on other types
thank you for any input, I have an asst flock of 11 hens. They are our "babies" and would hate to harm them in any way
Bird Lady
cedar is toxic to chickens, also the dust from cherry wood, and walnut may be toxic.
I also avoid fresh pine because of the sap. dried pine like you buy in a store is great however.
oak shavings may stain chicks.
As I recall, it is the cedar dust that is a problem for chickens, not the wood itself. I think that the plan with wood shavings is to provide a soft, absorbent environment. If the chainsaw cuttings are dry, they might work.

The pine shavings that I buy are dry in the package. If you had enough chainsaw cuttings to dry, it would be worth a try.


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