Coop move causes problem.

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    I made some major changes to my yard last weekend and now I'm having some problems that I'm hoping will be simple to resolve. My yard was previously divided into a chicken-and-garden side and a dogs-and-people side. I started having second thoughts about this division and brought the chickens over to the dogs and people side, but had a problem with one of my dogs entering the coop and eating chicken food (and suffering the consequences of that). After a few sick dog incidents, I got the wise idea (same day I moved the coop) to close the normal door I would prop open for the chickens and open the second door which leads to the nesting boxes.

    Now the hen that layed in the box that is most exposed in this new arrangement has either stopped laying or started a secret clutch somewhere. So I wanted some advice. Is it possible that she has simply stopped laying due to confusion? I've searched the backyard three times now with no eggs found, but I suppose it's likely that a dog could be finding the egg and eating it during the day when my roommate lets them out. But if a dog isn't eating an egg, where might she be hiding her clutch? Has anyone ever found a secret stash of eggs in an unexpected place?
  2. Most likely the change in there housing created a short lapse in egg production.

    When the birds are confused or there is a change they may be to nervous to lay. When you bring in a new hen to the flock the same thing can happen. Give it a few days for them to get used to it.

    Another option would be to make the door small enough so the chickens can get in and out but the dog can't. Or give the chickens some sort of obstacle that they can get over or through but the dogs can't

    Good Luck!
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    As far as where she might be hiding those eggs - I've learned it is ALWAYS in a place I would never think to look [​IMG] They are sneaky little buggers. Mine seem to like the riding mower and the two ATVs. They dig a nice little nest right slap in front of or behind a wheel. My husband found three nests in such locations. Unfortunately, the minute we catch on, they never return to that nest and make another in some place else I'd never think to look. I've even left fake eggs there in hopes they'll continue using it so I can at least find the dad gum things - but no luck. Most lay in their nest boxes - but there's always one or two in every crowd that just has to be different.

    I'd just scour the entire area she has access to - or I could rent you my husband. He's pretty good at finding secret nests. And he's cheap [​IMG]


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