Coop name ideas!


Apr 26, 2021
Hi everyone! I’m looking for a cute/rustic/timeless name for my coop and am completely stumped! It’s a small backyard flock of 5, a mystic onyx, two silkies, an Americana and a fayoumi! So probably no “farm” names. I also live on a lake called Gardner lake so maybe something with that might be cool! But definitely open to ANYTHING! I love the funny names but I don’t think those ones are for me! We just started getting eggs so I want to get a cute stamp made up for egg cartons as a nice touch when we share with family and friends :) Would love to hear what you guys come up with! Thank you in advance! Attached a picture of my ladies :) BBDE6FA6-923A-4BCB-BA4D-F22709F19C33.jpeg E4938EDE-D26D-4E83-A9B0-719635DF4B89.jpeg 05ECFF8D-A233-4864-BA9F-D9534ACE997B.jpeg

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