Coop over run - any obvious concerns?


8 Years
May 24, 2011
I am planning a coop for 3 ladies here in Vermont. I want adequate indoor space for the long winters and covered outdoor space for the same reason. I am planning this coop (didn't buy the plans, but will use this basic design). My only concern is that with all of my research it is the ONLY one I have found like this. Is there some obvious flaw with the design that I am missing? I will have two nest boxes on one end and the roost at the other.
Thats very cute. You will need to put better latches on the doors, the ones they have would be a snap for coons to open. If you are not going to allow some free range, I would make it sturdy enough that it could be moved in the summer for more fresh grass, clean ground. You should be able to easily wrap the bottom run area with plastic for winter protection.

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