coop picture thread?

I found tons of inspiration in here:

We just finished our coop and run this weekend. We had the coop colors match the house and the other barns and machine sheds we have on the property.

Back of coop and run.

There is a 2' wire apron around the entire run and coop.
Run sides are 6' tall.

Inside coop (8x8): Roosts 4' off of ground. Coop will be wired for electricity, but right now just an extension cord.

Nest Boxes: I put padding on the bottom to cushion the eggs and also added straw. Chicks seem pretty happy. You can't see in this picture, but to prevent the chickens from roosting on top of nests, we enclosed the top of the nests and created a storage shelf. Works out well for us.

Front of the run. Tree inside run for shade. We have a couple big dogs, which in my opinion is the best defense against critters! Plan to put landscape timbers 2' around run then plant some daylilies and fill with river rock.

Here ya go! I looked at a million coops and ideas, there are soooo many!!! People are so creative and love their chickies !! this one fit our small space and yard

Here is ours, still working out bugs. Had to file two of the doors and repaint so they wouldn't stick. Put carpet on the ramp, cause they wouldn't use it. Shingled the roof cause it leaked at the joints even though we caulked.

Notice the tow cable at the top of the a frame.

The rope on the left is to open the small inside chicken door.

Dishpans for nest boxes so they can be removed and washed. The yellow shelf and frame around nest boxes can be removed to clean out the coop.
Dh tweeked my plans making it bigger, so we need now the lawn mower to move it around the yard.

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