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    Jan 14, 2014
    Hi there, I'm just getting started on my chicken farming dreams! lol

    I plan to get about 2-3 hens (I think I've settled on Wyandottes) and am conflicted as to where I should put the coop. I have an area in front of the house, across the driveway (probably at least 100-200' away) that was a volleyball pit for the previous owners, and is flat and sandy. Or I could take my coop down to my barn where it will be on grass.

    Which surface is preferable for the chickens?

    I am just starting out, so it's a smaller prefab type of coop from TSC. I know the one coop from them is very small, but they have another with nesting boxes and a little run area. Do you think this will be ok to start out with? I am NOT handy at all, so building one isn't an options for me at this point.

    I live in S. Ontario, in case that matters. I plan to bring the chickens into the barn in the winter months, and hopefully keep them out spring-fall.

    I may also make a little run that I can move around the yard and cover at one end with a tarp for shelter during the day, to give them some variety
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    Hi & [​IMG], If you place them on grass it will very quickly be dirt. Sand is easy to clean and they love dust baths. Check out the Coops page for tractors for ideas. Good Luck

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