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Well, the girls moved into their big girl house lastnight, heres some updated photos, not complete, but hubby made sure it was snug for the night, with the help of baby monitors, a trail of flour around the coop, and some ammonia soaked rags back in the trees, and my grandson trying to show me how to shoot his BB gun...(Im not going to be much help to my babies.....) All went well lastnight. They are loving all the room. Will post more pics when there is more progress.

Hubby has done a great job!! all windows are covered with removable 1/4" or 1/2" thick lexon, (he got it from work so its heavy duty)
Looks great. I like the skylight area, wish it wasn't so hot in my area because I'd definitely add that to my coop I'm building.

Looking at the inside, one thing that I noticed was that the walls are not covered down by the floor, I would think that covering them would help to keep the mess out from between the studs and protect your outside paneling.
Look!!!! That coop looks stunning! Give that fella a hug and tell him we all said "Great job!"

And what pretty girls you have too!

That gets two thumbs up.

Hi there
No,the walls are not done yet, we arent finished yet, we are putting insulation in before we seal up the walls, once the pen is done, they can play outside while we finish the inside, we just had to get them out of their box, they were getting too big. And hubby did do the double 2x4 around the door frame, (I think you had asked about that?)..he made a really nice double thick door, (insulated between) and gave me a nice heavy duty latch/ paddlock
there is still some to finish, he has to trim the roof back some, etc, but they are loving the extra room.
I will tell him the 2
....Hes a great guy and since this is our first time as chicken owners....I have been a little

but he has "humored me".....LOL
I can completely understand that.....I've got 11 RNP's that are growing like a weed and I need to get them in the coop asap too!!
Going to take 3 days off next week to finish the coop because of those RNP's growing faster than I can build the coop and I've got 24 Guinea eggs in the incubator set to hatch in about 15 days.
Oh boy!!! Nothin' like being rushed on the project!!
Great, I think he'll be much happier with the end result on that door frame, it'll be solid and you won't have problems with the door opening and closing.
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Looks awesome. I have a question on the use of the exterior nest boxes. I had built some but then decided against installing them in favor of placing them internally and having a flap to open as I was worried that they would get too cold in the winter. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
Of course we are "newbies", but with all the great info on here, we decided to do the outside ones, as in the photos they are not complete just yet ,they are blocked off inside, the cover is just temp to keep out the rain, it will be insulated also with heavy duty hinges/paddlock and he will build a "frame" if you will, insulate all the way around and underneath and go around the whole thing again with more plywood. We get pretty cold here so we wanted to double up. Hope we are doing things right.....I just got home from work and checked on them...they seem happy.

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