Coop progress


7 Years
Oct 20, 2012
San Antonio, TX

Finished platform for coop. 6x6 approx. Start with the truss next. Sorted lumber in the back ground.

Friend is giving me their three hens to start. I'll use them to raise minorca's when I get them. Hopefully the egg, chick switch trick works.

Sorted scrap lumber from old fencing torn down. I burned the bad wood. The ashes will make a good dust bath for the hens.

Mange covered coyote roaming the neighborhood. He was watching me work on the coop. He's already making plans for my chickens. Well, I've already made plans for him which involves a red dot.

Start on roof this weekend.
Good luck with your chicken adventure and that coyote! I'd make a plan with that beastie sharpish!
Looks to be a great coop!
Anything you can do about that coyote?
I've seen these solar electric fences. A 12 volt battery with a deer feeder solar panel for charging will be used. The electrical draw may be too much. The electric fence will go around the coop and run only. I have LED lights, a 2004 Ram window regulator, car door actuator, 5 gallon buckets, pvc pipe w/fittings, poultry nipples, wire w/connectors, etc. Planning a timed auto door, timed lighting, timed feeding and cleaner water distribution. Hopefully in the morning the door will open, feed should be distributed to the outside. Evenings, the feed will be sent inside to draw them in, the door will close and maybe the electric fence will turn one. During Fall in Winter mornings the lights will come on for a even 14 hours for light. I can't find a 12 volt controller for multiple devices. I've seen a few, not 12 volt, for hundreds dollars, so I would expect the same pricing for 12 volt, "Not Gonna Happen!". For $50 a deer feeder timer can be set for 6 different times and durations, but only one device. For now the type of controls is in question. I'm a novice will electrical and can't see controlling multiple devices with one timed controller.

Does anyone have such a controller priced reasonable for a chicken house?

Hopefully, Mr. Wilie coyote and friends will have to work for a meal.

If this doesn't work out maybe a sheep dog will do.

Thanks for any controller leads and advice.

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