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    Mar 8, 2013
    Hi, I need to get a chicken coop up soon and I have some questions. My plan was to build a coop using pallets but then I came across a large metal shed at lowe's for under $300. I know nothing about the do's and dont's of chicken coops, so I am not sure what to do! I have heard they need good ventilation but no drafts - I don't really understand what that means! I live in Oklahoma so we get some rainy/windy cold in the winters and last summer was 105+ for many days. Would the metal shed get too hot? How would I modify it to make it more suitable as a coop? As for pallets, I have seen a few designs where the slats in the pallets are left open. Wouldn't that be too drafty? 
    So, what would you choose, pallets or the metal shed? Any designs or ideas on how to build/modify either would be wonderful. Also, I have searched for coop designs and almost all of them are small and low to the ground.(not walk in) is there a reason why this is preferred over a large walk in coop?
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    metal sheds are to hot IMHO.

    You didnt mention how many birds you wanted to keep. I dont think pallet coups are a smart choice unless you only plan on haveing 2 or so birds.

    Check your local craigslist for used sheds at a discount. Ive also seen the small camper trailers turned into good coups also and can also be found on CL for a few hundred.
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    Mar 8, 2013
    Getting too hot is my biggest concern with the high temps we have here. Why are pallet coops a bad choice for more than 2 birds? I have four chicks right now, but plan on getting a few more... I've been looking on Craigslist for months (been planning on chickens for a while now) and everything I come across is either very expensive or very old and trashy looking.
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    The metal shed will probably be too hot for your situation. Look on BYC and Google Pallet Chicken Coops. There is a lot of info out there. I would not leave the pallets "slotted" might be nice in the summer, but will probably be too cold and drafty in the wet and cold weather. Ventalation means the air can flow through the coop to keep it dry and vent amonia and other unpleasant gases. Ventalation usually is done high up on the walls or roof where the heat and moisture rises (appropriate vents can be purchased online or at any hardware store.) Yes, you don't want drafts...cracks, windows, etc. right around where the birds tend to stay...nests and roosts. There is a difference between air passing through (ventilating) and air blowing on the chickens (drafts).
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    Google Purina chicken coop plans

    I build one last year (I made it bigger as I have more) but it was easy to follow and works great total cost for mine (again mine was large enough for 10 birds) was right around 500.00 but some of that was rookie mistakes.

    I am building a even bigger one this year and I plan on spending even less then the first one. Plus there is a tab for coops go take a look at them as I got allot of ideas that will save me some money in the long run.

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