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    May 23, 2017
    At the moment I have two coops that I an trying to condense into one. I have a run and free range area already, so I'm looking for a coop/hutch for just night time. I have 8 chickens, 5 are smaller breeds like australorp and golden comet and 3 are leghorns. What websites/brands have good products? Would you recommend full kits or to buy plans?
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    Post some pictures of what you currently have. Maybe it would be easy to connect both coops into one unit.:idunno
    My usual recommendation for a GOOD COOP, is to use a garden shed, and make some modifications. There are good coops that will nearly break the bank. Not sure how your budget stands.
    Making your own, If you are able, is the least expensive route.
    Here is a link to a thread with many coop pix. It is a good place to get IDEAS.
    WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :highfive:
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    My Coop
    Typically anything marketed as as coop is cheaply built, will fall apart, not predator proof, and over rated as to how many chickens it will hold. Most are built to be cute and sell but not functional. Any plans you find on the internet fall into the same category.

    Photos of what you have now and putting your location in your profile will help you get better answers.

    Unless you have a local builder that keeps chickens as @cavemanrich said a shed is a good start. Much better is to build it yourself so you can have proper ventilation and good overhangs on the roof.

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