Coop/Run's done, well almost..Pics


10 Years
Jan 6, 2010
Haven't posted any construction photos for a few weeks. For the most part it's done. Still need to rework the roost/poop board and put in the external nest boxes. Warmer weather is here so I can lock the girls out of the coop and get these things done. got my first egg Friday..Sat two and today three....whoooppeee. the girls are all very happy and a total blast. Roxie the Barred Rock in the flock was (what seemed) on the bottom of the pecking order. She is now the friendliest, hangs out with Lucy the smaller BSL and Jade the smallest BA. The three of them are the friendliest and are all laying!!!!!

Heres the inside with temp nest boxes/roost and poop board, as you can see poop board works

First day out

Gate into run

Under the run....dust bath with sand/DE, tupperware grit server, board with non-skid wrapped around it for beaks (they love it) Gangplank is covered in roofing shingle pieces (also for beaks...they love it)

Roxie, first to lay and a sweetheart (though a bit of a whiner)

My BSL's Big Red and Lucy
Great job! I really like your steps up to the roost! That's a real space saver and they can't poop on it too much.

Well done!

Thanks for the compliments but......
the steps are NO good. 2 BA's parked there butts on the top one blocking acess for the others if they are not already up. then their poop misses the poop board. Reworking the roost situation soon into a two tier ladder.
We are about to embark into the world of backyard chicken raising. I think we have enough know-how and will start in a week or two with a few Rhode Island Red chicks. Living in Central New York, we still have a bit of snow on the ground.... BUT .... as I imagine the coop in our very rural backyard it looks a lot like what you have down. GREAT JOB & thanks for a little bit of inspiration.

nothin left to do but smile, smile, smile

warners, ny

thanks for the compliment on the coop/run. as I wrote it's not tweaking etc. glad to hear your getting into some birds soon. they are a blast, make me laugh, give me eggs, and make me laugh. Sounds like you've done the research and are ready to get rollin'
the better you make everything before you get the birds the easier and more enjoyable it will be. I had a real lousy coop before and it made it good. Enjoy and hope there's no more snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll be updating my page tonite with more pixs. If i can help you with your build give me a shout.
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I need to make a run similar to yours. Are your vertical poles buried in the ground or does the whole run just rest on the ground?
the verticles are PT 2x4's they are set in the ground about 16" deep in concrete. I cut an additional piece of 2x4 16" long and nailed it to the bottom of the set 2X4. this gives it more bearing surface in the ground (in the cement).
you can see in my pixs that the heigth is somewhat staired. I did this to accommadate 2 horizontal runs of 36" welded wire. I wanted to be able to walk erect throughout the run and as my ground sloped a bit I needed to stair the height. If i made it level it would of been a whole lot more of expensive welded wire with a lot of waste to boot. I studied it from a material cost issue (wire$$$) and ended up with very very little waste.
The 2x4's on the ground simply are srewed to the opposing verticles, payed no attention to leveling them as the are basically a nailing surface for the side fencing and the buried skirt. Hope that helps
Thanks Baymen Moe. I looked at your page a few times and though my coop is not a sweet as yours; it'll do. Level ground would of been nice for my run..... Your first egg looks like mine...small but sign of what is comming. Really like the pic of the youngin's lined up in a row!

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