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Jan 3, 2012
Hi Folks,

Not SPECTACULAR, but I think they'll be happy... I'm planning on raising 3 RIR and 1 BR...

Here's my new coop/run that I built from wood and material that was headed for the local dump... I tried to make the best of the dimensions that were available to me.
This is what I came up with on a weekend. All I purchased was the hardware cloth.

The coop/run itself is 12 ft long x 8 ft wide x 3 ft high... they will have the two adjoining fenced areas to roam while supervised for an hour or two each day as I alternate weekly between the two areas. The larger area is 24 ft x 11 ft and the other is 16 ft x 11 ft. I will be allowing the weeds/grasses to grow and will have compost piles in each to allow them to rummage through for bugs and stuff.
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Thank you... I hope I can make this arrangement work out for the hens... I wish I could've gone bigger, but was limited by the amount of wood/materials I could gather
from around the neighborhood...
Great job! How satisfying to save materials from the dump and repurpose them as a coop etc. Desigher coops are beautiful to look at but the recylced ones feed the soul.
Great job! My run was made from recycled materials except for hardware wire, six 2x4s, and a box of screws...(you can see it on my page). Don't you find it rewarding to reuse materials for a useful purpose?
Yes, it has been a very satifying and rewarding experience... more than I had imagined!
I'm stoked how it all worked out with careful planning.

I live in a rural community and its rustic look blends in well...LOL

Fact is, I didn't have any money to use for this purpose... All I had was a small box of nails and a borrowed saw.

Considering everything.... I'm very proud of it...

Thanks for your comments!!!
I just checked out your page and wow....that came out really nice!!!!
Great job!!!
I just checked out your page and wow....that came out really nice!!!!
Great job!!!

I had access to the commercial signage for free ... Two 10 foot long pieces that came off the side of a mall. All the other materials were at hand and that huge wall unit was in my shop ( that I had to close due to a family illness). We plan to move back to our home ( hopefully, if i can get it more handicapped accessibe ) which is more rural with a nice sized barn and our older coop area. I plan to dismantle my outdoor run and set up pens in the barn. Oh! To have the time and $ to do everything.....

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