coop/run site question


6 Years
May 7, 2015
Greenville SC

I hope to start building a coop and run in a few months and I wanted to check and see if the site I want to use is going to be OK.

I my back yard is completely fenced in by a chain-link fence and it is divided in half by a chain link. Years ago we had beagles that we kept in the back part because they kept getting out when they had full run of the back yard, so we had another fence installed and divided the back yard. No outside dogs anymore so that area is just empty and separated from the rest of the back yard.

So, in the back section, the spot that I want to put the coop and run is were I have been using to pile up the leaves and yard debris (sticks and limbs) and burning it. I was going to clean up this area so I can have the coop and run right there. My question would be is there any issue with it being there since I have previously used that spot to burn stuff? No chemicals or plastics etc just leaves and stuff.

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