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Aug 3, 2020
Thanks to all for your great input and ideas. I decided to keep my predator's eyes, 2 motion detector floodlights that will wake the dead, enclosing the hen house, coop, and runs with hardware cloth for a double layer, and the cayenne pepper perimeter fence. I have just purchased a solar electric fence kit and that will be around the perimeter. My gals are 3 weeks old but I want to see what comes out at night on the WiFi Cam. Oh forgot about that and the dog barking alarm.

Does anyone believe it is wise to get a chicken noise device and put it in the hen house so it can make the noises a hen would normally make at night and test what comes out or is that just saying hello, chickens are in here? I know they make noises because the babies make noises at night when they sleep. They are not loud.


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Jul 10, 2009
North Carolina Sandhills
Not the best photo, but we bought the 48", solar powered kit from Premier 1.

Super-easy to set up for electric fence newbs. I have the charger right next to the portion of the fence that I move to get in and out -- push a button to turn it on or off. The button flashes a light to tell me it's on (and I can hear the ticking of the pulses).

I put a short fence of plastic garden net inside because my chicks are still young enough to wiggle through the fence (or to think they can wiggle through and get stuck). That's visible in the third photo.




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