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    My dad and me are building a shed for my animals (chickens, ducks, and rabbits-OH MY!). it will be 12x16 and half will be for my rabbits and the other half will be for my chickens and ducks. So i will have an 8X12 section for the chicks and ducks. I have 19 chicks and 2 ducklings brooding in the basement. i plan the sections of the shed for the chickens to be 8X9 and the ducks to be 8X3 since i would like to be able to add more ducks later on. Would the areas be big enough for them? If i made a really big run for the chickens could i maybe add more chickens later on, Since they would only be in the shed at night?

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    Yes they will be fine, but make sure you don't add more chicken to the chicken's Flock or it will be crowded.

    Good Luck.
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    I agree with Omran. You could probably add more chickens in the summer if you have a big run, but you could run into problems in the winter.

    I don't have experience with rabbits yet (probably a year or two away), but I've read on here that the dust created by chickens can be hard on rabbits. Maybe something to think about or maybe you already have.

    Good luck.

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