Coop started UPDATE with Outside View Pic


8 Years
Aug 20, 2011
Finally started new coop, did away with the idea of adding on to old coop and started fresh! Between the barn and coop will be covered for the tractor & implements. As of tonight the whole thing is framed and trenches dug on 3 sides and the front is done. Tomorrow we hope to complete it!


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Please keep updating! We also abandoned our plan to add on and are building a whole new coop. Makes me happy because there are features that I would like that aren't in the current coop and can't be added, like height and a sliding pop door.
Nope not painting it and the coop will be connected to the barn which is all done in rough cut oak as well.
Can't believe how fast you're moving along!! It took my DH almost one day just to dig postholes (through shale & rock)
, another (1/2 day) to cement the posts, and most of the next day to install floor joists and lay the plywood floor. Ughh...this is going to take forever, and our chicks are now one week old! We have about 5 more weekends to finish this project...actually 4 b/c this one is a goner with Irene coming
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Actually DH & I work really really well together on projects and we usually get done faster than this! We didn't have quite as much energy yesterday and the storms this morning and lack of a sitter slowed us down today. And yes I know about digging, I dug trenches over a foot deep on all sides of the coop in this land where rocks BREED & REPRODUCE!!!!!

We didn't cement our post holes though (we threw the gremlin rocks in the holes to help hold them!) And we're going to try dirt floor for now so we aren't building a floor although I think building the floor would have been easier than digging the trenches!!!!!!!!
Let me tell you if any predators get in that coop.....!!!!

Tomorrow the kids have dr's appts in Pittsburgh, north side so that means 2 hr drive one way (gotta love traffic!) So we won't get much done
Hopefully the hurricane doesn't cause us to have days of rain so we can get it finished soon!

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