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6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
Dallas, tx
I just had a stormy weather photo shoot for me and the flock!

We are going to be the first duck coop on the Peep At The Coop tour here in Dallas!! We were interviewed by a local magazine that is doing an article on coop security and predator proofing. Someone told them that we are like Fort Knox around here so they came out to ask and see our set up.

They were shocked to see how secure our coop and run is and also laughed that I have a baby monitor and a streaming web camera on them at all times. I explained that I was devastated by losing one of our family members due to my own carelessness and a hungry hawk. I am responsible for keeping them safe, and I failed our sweet Richard.

I now I'm way overboard and I know it seems a bit extreme, but I owe it to them to keep them as safe as possible. Letting them down once was a mistake I'll hopefully never make again.

Nature is nature, but by bringing them in as pets I have to do my very best to keep them happy and healthy.... Not to mention alive! I've heard so many people say they anticipate at least half of their flock to die because it's "just what happens".... But that doesn't sound right.

Sorry for the ramble. Just please remember that we owe it to them to provide a safe and healthy environment. Do your very best.
Well I think we all need to see pictures of your setup now!
I bought a logitech c920 web camera and made a waterproof housing mount for it using an outdoor electric box. I dremeled out the front and apoxied a piece of glass and used my kids Legos to keep it in place!

At night there is a spotlight on them so I can check the website to see what's bothering without getting up! The baby monitor will alert me to any mischief... Like this bobcat!


Our coop is very open. It's made of two cattle hoops and chicken wire with hardware cloth along the base and lower half. That is sandwiched between two boards to prevent clawing critters.


During the day we have them in a run with metal rabbit wire to keep the hawks from swooping down!

Looks good! And having the photo of the bobcat really affirms the fact that your security system is needed.

I have no photo's but the first night shelter we had, had electric fence around it, and I know that kept raccoons at a distance. In fact, one evening, I heard a yip and looked out to see a raccoon running straight up the hill behind the shelter.

A neighbor told me about a fox nabbing someone's duck in broad daylight. So I fenced across the top of the Day Pen - it is only about a meter high.

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