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I've got my first few chicks in the brooder and they're quickly becoming chickens! I need to update my chicken coop and have been going through so many designs I just can't choose what would be the best looking/easiest to build/cheapest/best for our area (north Alabama). I've got it narrowed down to 3 designs Now, I just need to choose the best:

1. Coop with a covered run
Pros: would be great to have a solid fixture, safe chickens
Cons: we sometimes get a lot of rain and standing water, covered runs are added $$, less run space then free ranging
2. Coop without a covered run
Pros: would be great to have a solid fixture, cheaper than covering a run, more area than a covered run
Cons: predators may kill the chickens
3. Tractor
Pros: cheapest option, eliminate water issues because I can 'move it out of the water'
Cons: would be small for 6 chickens, may not fair well during tornado season

What are the reasons that you guys chose a coop or a tractor? What are some of the pros and cons that you guys have seen with your tractor or coop that would be eliminated had you chosen the opposite?

As a disclaimer, I know this sounds like I haven't narrowed it at all, but I have 1 design that would be best in each category, but it's the best category I'm having troubles with. If only money wasn't an object. Thanks for any input!
Nothing is going to fare well during the tornado season - coop or tractor - if one comes at all close.

I'm gradually moving to all tractors because it gives me a way of offering fresh grass to my birds while keeping them proteced full time. Mine are all hoop coops. Spend some time doing Google image searches on "chicken tractors" and you'll find eleventy one different types.

My style is somewhat heavy, but will hold ten to twelve birds comfortably.

Both! A stationary coop can be made more predator resistant, so I like having one to lock my chickens up in at night; it's also great to have a covered run for rainy days. But I also like having a tractor so that during the day I can give my chickens access to fresh grass and let them leave their poops in different places around the yard. On days when I confine them to their run, I have to go around with a kitty litter scoop to tidy up.
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This posting of mine will be considered "sacriledge" by most on BYC......

BUT, I gotta say.............I would trade and give up ALL my chickens to have a tractor (preferably one of the 3 or 4 cylinder 4WD small ones with a loader and a tiller and plow attachment !!!!) Presently thinking SPRING and GARDENING !!!!

I like TRACTORS better than Coops OR Chickens !!!!!

Ha-Ha !!!

P.S. I DO like my chickens..but they are darned slow at "tilling" !!!!
I chose a tractor that fits 6 birds and will be ideal for my use in North Al... They won't scratch on place all the time and are protected but I have to move it every few days and hose down poop LOL!

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