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Anyone on here install a web cam in the coop/henhouse? Been thinking about adding one so I can keep an eye on them from the comfort of my warm couch during the winter... Any recommendations on which cam would work well in low light???
yup, I got the idea from here they are using wired $300.00+ cameras for their setup I was looking for wireless and cheaper $$$ no plans on making a website but it would be nice to keep an eye on them when we are getting 15" of snow without having to get all dressed and dig my way out there in the middle of a storm...

@Barnaclebob how does that cam hold up to the elements or do you just use it in then henhouse? I was thinking of getting 2 cameras, one for the house and one for the run...
I have 2 cameras, one in the coop and one just below it to look into the run. They get covered in dust but seem to be working fine. They have almost no chance of getting water on them because my coop has a large roof overhang.

The only issue i have had was in order to switch from daylight mode to nighttime mode IR lights come on and a filter has to be mechanically moved in front of the photo sensor. This filter was getting stuck and it looked like there was an instagram filter on it during the day. If you would knock it a few times this seemed to fix it but so far this summer it hasn't cropped up again. The filter sticking is most likely caused by dust.

Also it rarely gets above 90 or below 25 where i live.
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So I thought I would give an update, I went with the Dropcam and it has been running for a while now with no issues... I only put 1 camera in to start as a test in the henhouse and it has been fun.. in fact I saw one of our Redstars sitting in a nesting box for the first time last night (the night vision works surprisingly great) and went out and found our first egg this morning :) The girls don't spend much time in the henhouse at all during the day so I think I may add a 2nd camera to the run so I can see what they are up to during the day.. :) <--- live webcam view of the henhouse (hardly any action during the day)

Just wanted to thank everyone for their input :)


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